The way to be creative in production, elaboration and automation in the cocoa and chocolate industry worldwide.


The way to be creative in production, elaboration and automation in the cocoa and chocolate industry worldwide.

Import and export:

We coordinate the import and export for our clients and we monitor the machinery and/or merchandise until it reaches its final destination.


Why automate? Because it increases productivity, improves product quality, improves flow control and production processes, facilitates operator tasks, maximizes the safety in the work area and works according to the new standards and norms of the Food Industry.

Technical support:

We solve all your questions and diagnose the problem. We carry out the study and cost estimation, validate the solutions and budget planning.

Development, study, design, manufacturing, installation, testing, commissioning, operation and training.

Spare parts and second-hand equipment.

We search and offer each brand, type of spare parts, pieces and machinery throughout the world, depending on the presence in the market.

Welcome to Cultura Mecanica

Import – Export – Automation – Technical Support

Cultura Mecanica is an import and export company of high-quality machinery for the Food Industry worldwide, we detail plans for your automation, we prepare studies, designs, projects, evolution, integration and technical support in collaboration with our partners around the world.

We have thirty-five years of experience in manufacturing processes, production of cocoa and chocolate, packing, packaging and storage of solid and liquid products.

We also supply new and second-hand machines depending on the presence in the market, craft machines, medium-sized and industrial, parts, spare parts and accessories for all sectors.

Contract with Cultura Mecanica

  • We offer a complete package for companies and we have connections and partners all over the world.
  • You only need one point of contact and we can do it for you in five languages: Spanish, English, German, French and Dutch.
  • Due to our years of experience in production processes, packing, packaging and storage of products, we can help you with ideas to make your projects a reality.
  • We can offer you new and second-hand machines, depending on the market presence.
  • You can ask us for your spare parts, we get them for you, or ask to make them in professional workshops designed exclusively for your requirement.
  • We monitor the import or export of your machines and/or products until they reach their final destination.
  • We can sell your surplus machinery.
  • We go for trust, quality, good business and long-term relationships.
  • We install and monitor your machinery and provide technical support and assistance whenever you need it, whether online from a remote location or onsite.

Cultura Mecánica

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